Education And Health – Learning Is Good For The Brain And The Body

Never underestimate the benefits of a good education. Thomas Jefferson would have hit the nail right on the head if instead of putting, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” in the Declaration of Independence, he instead penned the words, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Health and Education.”

Education, health and happiness are inextricably linked, according to an increasing number of studies pointing to a direct connection between education and quality of life. A conversation about quality living would most assuredly have to include references to strength, stamina, vigor… all by-products of good health.

The highway of education is paved with a fundamental and far-reaching approach to learning that forges knowledge in a variety of subjects, including health. Once you have the knowledge, it then becomes much easier to make the right decisions throughout life about health and everything else.

“Knowledge is power,” wrote author Veronica Roth. Knowledge opens doors, breaks down barriers and levels the playing field. Without it, we wander through life unaware of the possibilities around us and unsure of the decisions in front of us. With it, we are able to recognize the good and bad in things and make decisions based on observation, intelligence and informed judgment.

After learning about the concept of healthy living, and as happens with many of life’s daily responsibilities when accompanied by knowledge, a process of education ignites within us. Because our brain has absorbed information important for being healthy, we begin the process of learning how to be healthy. The cycle continues.

To answer the questions introduced from this new awareness, we then focus on those things which help us accomplish our goal of achieving and maintaining wellness. Suddenly, our brain prompts our body to make the necessary adjustments which can promote a healthy lifestyle in us. In a short amount of time, health becomes something you think about more than only when you must.

Health is primarily defined as ‘a state of complete emotional and physical well-being’. Achieving optimum health and wellness is a challenge for everybody, educated or not. However, having the knowledge necessary to attain and maintain good health, is a perfect example of how learning can positively affect every aspect of your daily existence.

Dr. Seuss had it right, “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more things you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Ideally a life-long process, learning stimulates the brain, triggers a physical response, and helps to identify almost unlimited avenues of education. Education, in turn, creates a foundation for life which translates, almost unconsciously, across limitless aspects of life, including health and wellness.

Numerous studies have established the importance and long-term benefits of early childhood education on a person’s well-being. According to the Economic Opportunity Institute, “Early childhood learning plays a crucial role in primary education. By focusing early in childhood on prevention and protective factors, quality care and information can help children to grow up healthy.”

The report went on to state, “… quality early learning and care before the age of five has found it is associated with improvement in a range of educational and social measures, some of which have been documented many years after the care.”

While it has been proven that genetic characteristics structured in our DNA do certainly play a role in health and longevity, addressing the core issue of education – early and continued engaged learning – can provide a wide array of positive benefits for the brain, the body, and for society in general.

Think Twice Before Starting Your Home-Based Business

You have just decided to start your home-based business. After all, there are successful home-based businesses run by people who dreamt of working for themselves. However, the importance of analyzing such an investment is often underestimated. Consequently, a lot of home-based businesses don’t succeed. They turn out to be a huge disappointment. Take into account that starting a business is a lot of work and risk-taking is unavoidable. Determination and effort are necessary to overcome the obstacles along the way. The following points deserve emphasis:

1. Working at home. Apparently the idea may be very attractive. But don’t overlook your domestic situation. Are you surrounded by distractions at home?The list includes, among other things, busy children and TV programmes. An environment full of distractions will likely prevent you from staying concentrated on your job.

2. You are the boss. Now you work for yourself and no one tells you what to do. It really sounds nice but don’t forget you are responsible for creating and keeping a stimulating working environment everyday. You must take on the challenge of staying motivated day in and day out. Moreover, being a competent boss means being good at decision-making. Are you willing to be your own boss?Think carefully about your professional profile. Perhaps you were definitely born to work for someone else.

3. It’s often a small business. As a home- based business owner, you are more vulnerable to economic uncertainties and more exposed to unreliable customers than the big companies. Of course these customers point to trouble ahead.

4. Risk-Taking. You might not enjoy the line of work which you have decided to try, and nobody can say for sure you are on the path to success. You can’t ignore the possibility of failure. Considerable number of home-based businesses go bankrupt as soon as they start going through hard times.

5. Health insurance may be impractical. Your health is your best asset. Finding good health insurance may be unaffordable when you work for yourself. And there’s no question health insurance really matters as its coverage helps you get medical care as well as timely medical support. It’s worth noting that one of the most commonly mentioned reasons for bankruptcies is medical related.

Now you aware of the main difficulties concerning a home-based business. If you remain determined enough to move ahead, don’t waste your time. Take a close look at the principles of home-based business. Collect useful pieces of information about the sort of business you intend to set up. Then it’s time to take action and do your best. Good luck!

The Anatomy of a #1 Home Based Business

When you are considering the anatomy of a #1 home based business, it is essential to consider all the components that make a home based business successful. Without evaluation of all the parts, it can easily have a negative effect on your endeavor. So it is important to take time to research, evaluate and write down your criteria of what a #1 home based business would look like. Far too many people get involved in starting home based businesses without ever evaluating any criteria about what would make that business work.Many home based businesses today are linked to some kind of networking concept. While some people may have some kind of negative view this, it is a fact that most people will never have or develop the skills to start a business without some kind of business opportunity with a low cost of entry and a proven marketing system that many networking business provide.So what would be your first major criteria for a successful business? You may want to first and foremost consider the kind of mass appeal that the product or service that you are considering might have. Is this a product or service that many people could or even would use? How large is the marketplace for this business? While this is certainly not the only criteria, it is extremely significant as without a substantial marketplace you might not even want to begin.Of course the next part of this anatomy might be to consider the level of competition in the market place you are considering. If the marketplace is large but the competition is fierce, it might be extremely difficult to get started with your product or service. The larger the competition, the greater the time and financial commitment before beginning to turn a profit.Trends are very important in marketplace so you must also consider market trends in your evaluation. Is what you are considering part of a major market trend? These days it is very easy to search out trends with sites like Google Trends. You can find out whether a product or service may be popular at a particular time. It is of course much easier to sell something that is very popular than something that seems to have little appeal to searchers.All this requires some research before making that final decision to get involved with what you have been told is the #1 home based business opportunity. With the availability of information on the internet, this is not such a daunting task. But if you take these few simple steps, it can eliminate a lot of frustration, expense and heartache.

Home Based Business – How to Be Successful

Do you take part in a home based business? Is your interest just in an office based business? You need to understand that a job you might want to do has to be one that will fetch you some money either, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly, you do not need to look at where the work is taking place or being done.All you need is to note that you are making profit from your transactions and businesses. There is no magic in what we are saying because in recent days, even though people believe so much in working with their hands and working in an office to make money, you can receive much more money by working from home.Do not think you can easily start a business from home just by putting one or two things together alone, you need to sit and really think about the new business you are about to start. You need to think of advantages and the disadvantages and at the same time you have to start learning the tactics in the business you are about to embark upon. It is from there you will be able to know if it is a business that will give you a huge amount of profit.One thing you need to know when taking a home based business is that you need to set a particular target or realm you want to meet up with and at a particular point in time. This is what will help you to be able to achieve something great from this business. There is not joke or child’s play in that. A business without a plan is useless.Let us assume you are through with all your planning and you want to start setting up your business, you should note that the event is about to start and so you have to get the tools needed. A worker surely needs a tool for his work and these tools for your home based business should be one that you have access to at every point in time. It is however very important that you do not set up the tools wrongly and that you should understand how to use each and every bit of them.In doing a kind of business like the one we are talking about, you need some time to really find out about what you are doing and to have a good and reasonable understanding of it. If you do not take your time to do this, you will discover that you will have to learn on the job and these will not be good for home based business. To do this, you will need resources, part of which you can get on the internet by reading wide and making search of what you need to do.One thing and the most important that you need to do is to let people know when you start your new job. You can not do the home based business yourself and that is why you have to make it known to everybody around you. Make sure you look for every way to make people come check your website.

How to Start a Home Based Business in One Week Or Less

So, you want to start a home based business? With unemployment numbers rising all over the world, this trend is picking up steam in a hurry. There is nothing better than the freedom and earning potential of a home based business. Every year, millions of people start their own business, make money, and realize that they should have been doing this all along. Are you going to be the next person to take full advantage of this?Some people never consider starting a home based business because they believe it will take a long time. Does this sound like you? Hopefully you realize that this is not the case. Believe it or not, you can start a home based business in one week or less – how does that sound to you?If you are interested in getting started, and being up and running in seven days or less, now is the time to move. The longer you wait to research the process the more stress you will go through. Why would you want to do this to yourself?To start a home based business in one week or less, follow these steps:1. Compare all your options. You may or may not know what type of home based business you want to start. If you do, this step is one that you can pass by. If you don’t, the first thing you have to do is compare every possible opportunity – no matter what it may be. Until you rule something out there is no way of knowing if it will work out for you in the future.2. Write down the pros and cons. Before you start a home based business you need to realize that there are going to be good and bad things about it. You want to make sure the opportunity you choose has more good than bad; this will help to assure your success from day one. Along with this, if you know what may go wrong you can do your best to protect against it.3. Create a business and marketing plan. Without both of these you are going to find yourself struggling along day after day. Some people try to start a home based business without one, the other, or both. Simply put, this is a mistake. To fully understand your current position, as well as where you want to go in the future, you need both a business and marketing plan.4. Just do it. Some people procrastinate day in and day out. If you do this your home based business is never going to become reality. Yes, you are going to make mistakes along the way – this happens to the best of them. But remember, one mistake does not mean the end of your business. You should learn from your setbacks, big and small, so that you can achieve greater success in the future.5. Get help if need be. No matter what industry you get involved with there is a good chance that you will have questions. It is a great idea to have a mentor or two in line before during the early days of your home based business. This gives you the chance to ask questions whenever they come up.What do you think? Are you now more confident that you can start a home based business in a week or less? Even if you still have questions you should start moving forward. As long s you forge ahead, no matter what stands in your way, you will always make progress.In closing, if you want to start a home based business in one week or less you should: compare every opportunity that you are interested in; write down the pros and cons in an objective manner; create both a business and marketing plan; get over your fears and take the plunge; and ask for help when and if it is needed.Hopefully this information has opened your eyes as to how simple it can be to start a home based business. If you get started right now you will have your business on the ground and running by next week at this time. What are you waiting for? Freedom and financial success are closer than ever before!

Best Ideas For A Home Based Business

Ideas For A Home Based BusinessAn extra income from a home based business won’t hurt especially if you earn more through it than your full time job.Many Americans decide to just focus on their ventures to make sure it will reach their target and what they have invested will turn to ashes. Unfortunately, however you focus without really knowing what to do will just result to failure. Equipping your self with home based business operation is the answer to success.But have you ever wondered why even the wisest minds in entrepreneurship sometimes fail? Ironic it is, but even the most brilliant minds do not venture to home based business that easily. They choose laboratory over lucrative businesses. A real smart person knows what to do and what to pursue.If you are still having doubts in the type of home based business to pursue, here are some suggestions that according to experts can be the next big thing in the next 20 years.1. Web management serviceYahoo rates this as one of the top 10 home businesses for the next few decades. As the Internet expands and does not seem to stop for the next century, the demand for web content services does not have any way but up.By offering services such as technical writing, web content writing, graphics designing, webmaster services and virtual office management, you can earn more than a full time employee in the same field. You just need to be computer savvy, an able computer or two with necessary applications and software’s, connections and ability to give what is being asked of you. You can also do manpower pooling if the demand increases.2. Specialty baking and cookingAs technology gets more complicated by the minute, the health consciousness of Americans also jumped at a significant rate in the past decade. The demand for healthier foods and more artistic presentations are projected to skyrocket starting this decade.Foods are staples and for as long as human continue to eat; you will have the chance to grab that niche market.3. Fitness trainingOffering your own knowledge in a certain field is probably the cheapest way to do a home based business. As you have your whole time allocated according to your will, you can earn more without spending the whole day for it. Training services include yoga coaching, workout and sports training and even diet coaching.4. Cleaning serviceModern appliances make cleaning an easy task compared to how you did it a few decades ago. However, the time a family can allot to their cleaning responsibilities also decreases making laundry businesses and housekeeping services thrive. Almost all kinds of cleaning services can be offered so better choose now to start that home based business.5. Technical repair serviceEverybody has a cellphone, computer, music player and other gadgets. The boost in demand of these products also increases the demand in repair services. Microsoft Company is even reportedly planning to train people for catering to Microsoft-related problems. Remember that warrantee expires. That is where you enter the picture.6. Mentoring, Coaching And TrainingIn today’s modern world more and more people are now turning to the Internet looking for ways to make some extra cash or even a full time living. But the majority fail, the reason is because they have no formal training on how to run a business online. The people that have success online are the ones that find a good mentor or coach to get some training. Once you have the knowledge behind you on how to run a home based business, you can then offer your knowledge at a price.Anybody can start an online home based business these days, but it does not mean you will make money. So your job would be to point them in the right direction, show them how to get targeted traffic to their website, then turn that traffic into leads, then turn the leads into an income, in other words mentor them on how to market their business. This type of home based business is priceless.

Small Business Manufacturers: The Key to New Job Creation!

Small business manufacturers are a key component in CREATING NEW JOBS and I have written this article for the masses, not just for those with advanced business degrees, to help all readers understand its significance. QUICK LESSON ON ECONOMICSI know that for most, the subject of economics is very boring, however before I go on, it’s important that I briefly touch on a very basic economic principle and I promise to simplify my explanation, so please stay with me.”… First and foremost, for any economy to be truly prosperous, it requires that products be produced locally and exported globally, which then generates new dollars being imported back into the local community where the products were manufactured, thereby helping to create jobs and fuel growth… “.What did he just say???Well the EASIEST EXAMPLE is to think of a shoemaker in say Miami who makes and sells (i.e. exports) his high-end flip-flops to fashion stores in New York City. The stores there, on Fifth Ave, buy the shoes and in return pay the shoemaker with dollars. The shoemaker uses the earnings (i.e. imported dollars in exchange for flip-flops sold) to pay for their business overhead (i.e. insurance, utilities, etc.), pay for employee salaries and hopefully take a profit for them self. The salaries paid and the profits earned are then spent in the local economy (i.e. in this case Miami), and includes buying homes, dining out at local restaurants, shopping, child care, purchasing groceries, etc.This is obviously an oversimplified example, but the main idea is that we need the creation of new manufacturing businesses that will produce and export tangible products, which in turn will help create new employment and positively develop our local economic quality of life. This is the simplest way to drive dollars from outside the community straight back into our local economy.This product driven economic concept is contrary to how our economy has been functioning for almost the past two decades. From the time of the internet revolution in the 1990′s to the most recent housing crisis of the mid 2000′s (both bubbles), America’s economy has been based on the artificial inflation of the dollar by speculative investing. Almost half of all recent profits in corporate America came from the financial services industry, which operates on money trading business models and do not really produce any beneficial tangible products which can be physically exported. There are of course many arguments to the contrary, in support of Wall Street, however for the most part; our overall economy in recent years has been undeniably operating on pure speculation by automated day trading systems (i.e. betting on the financial markets in hopes of a profit).CROWDFUNDINGSo with that said, here’s the back-story; I have been an industrial real estate broker and small business owner for many years and through my career I have represented numerous small business tenants in the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution industries. A good portion of these small business clients have been start-ups, with solid product ideas, however due to the credit crunch, it has been difficult for them to obtain additional working capital to afford larger industrial spaces for expansion, purchase machinery/equipment, hire more employees and keep up with product demand. Like these small businesses, there are numerous more throughout the country with incredible growth potential that can help create jobs and fuel local economic growth in their respective communities.Now these once struggling brilliant entrepreneurs may finally have an answer. The recent passing of the JOBS Act, allowing for crowd funding, has relaxed many of the strict requirements for entrepreneurs and private small businesses interested in raising funds for their ventures from the general public. Although the ACT itself has been approved, the portion pertaining to publicly soliciting investors to contribute capital in exchange for an equity stake in the opportunity is being thoroughly reviewed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This is a necessary step, as is the reality, there will always exist individuals who will attempt to defraud well-intended investors and some sort of regulations must be in place to protect the general public. I do however take issue when banks and the larger Wall Street type firms get involved and lobby law makers and regulators to not allow such leniency on Main Street, thus allowing small businesses to find funding through their own means. While during the short run, crowd funding will not necessarily impact these financial institutions, over the long run it can certainly pose a threat to the sometimes generous fees mandated by many of these firms and cause a shift in the business fund raising landscape as we know it.THE OPPORTUNITY IN INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATEWhat exactly does industrial real estate have to do with small business manufacturers; well it has everything do with them really! The manufacturing, warehousing and distribution sectors operate in an intertwined model and none can exist without space, lots of space. In fact this deserves a slight swerve off topic; even major retailers have downsized their retail storefronts and are relying further on their online presence to sell products that they otherwise would have stocked on storefront shelves. These retailers are moving to a direct ship business model where their stores are being reduced to accommodate only the highest selling items and instead asking that customers visit their websites and order more specialty items online. These retailers, including well known brands in the office supply sector and large discounters, are making more and more use of industrial space to warehouse and distribute items worldwide. The driving force is the improvements in technology fueling the M-Commerce generation.Now back to the main point of this article; small business manufacturers. Both here in South Florida where I am from and across the country, there are millions of square feet of old vacant industrial real estate just waiting to be placed back in use. Sure not all the space will be a fit for very sophisticated producers of advanced technology products, but for most small business manufacturers it can provide them affordable work space from which to operate their businesses. Another fact to consider is the up and coming Makers industry. If you haven’t heard of it, then I highly recommend you look into it. This is yet another industry that is small business manufacturing in nature and will require the use of industrial space. So where exactly is the opportunity for industrial real estate investors, well you’ve probably figured it out by now. Real estate investors are in a great position to ride, what I believe, will be the next upward growth trend in the real estate market. As the demand for industrial property increases, willing investors can acquire and lease rehabilitated manufacturing, warehousing and distribution spaces to small businesses at affordable rates. By doing so, investors have the ability of contributing to the growth of small business manufacturers and indirectly manufacturing jobs creation, by providing them the use of industrial spaces at reasonable rates. And all can be done while the investor enjoys cash flow and the potential of value growth from their industrial real estate investments.

Finding The Best Home Based Business Opportunity

Finding the best home based business opportunity. Is this easy? Are there actually any legitimate home based businesses? Or are they all just scams, getting nobody rich quick apart from the dishonest author?

‘Wouldn’t it be great to find the best home based business opportunity, a legitimate system that made us money whilst we slept, with minimal effort required? But is this actually possible?’ Many of the “gurus” tell us that it is possible.

These so called “gurus” make it sound like you just send them $50 and they give you a magical link that automatically deposits cash into your bank!

So how do we go about finding a legitimate home based business?

We need to work out how much time we have to spare, and how much effort we are willing to put into a home based business. This is a critical key.

I searched into the market to find the best home based business opportunity I possibly could, I was fed up, as I’m sure you are, of endless individuals offering to make me money online, and giving information that just did not deliver what it has falsely promised. I wanted to find a Legitimate Home Based Business and I wasn’t going to give up.

Whilst on my search for the best home based opportunity, I came across individuals that lacked honesty, didn’t give refunds and as you guessed, they just wanted your money! They did not care if you actually succeeded with making money online.

To be honest, however, I did manage to find a particular legitimate home based business opportunity that did actually impress me, this was a system that offered Multiple Streams of Income. It had great testimonials of people turning their life around, but was this all true, or was it just an act? I managed to speak to some people using these methods, and infact, this was a legitimate home based business.

My search for the best home based business opportunity has come to an end. I am disappointed at what I found out, however, I was happy with this particular Legitimate Home Based Business. Feel free to check this out.

I have also put together a Legitimate Internet Business Opportunities [] Review page, aimed at picking out the honest home based business opportunities.

Small Business Credit Cards Advantages

A lot of people associate credit cards with just personal credit card which an individual posses and uses for shopping etc. However, there is another category of credit cards and that is called small business credit cards. As suggested by the name itself, the small business credit cards are meant for small businesses or people running small businesses.

So how does the small business credit card differ from the other credit cards in general?

The very obvious difference is that small business credit cards have the credit account in the name of the small business and not any individual, though the benefits indirectly accrue to the business owner. The other difference is with the terms and conditions that come with the small business credit cards. Finally, there are some subtle benefits with small business credit cards which would not be applicable to personal credit cards. Let’s check all these things one by one.

We know that the credit cards provide a lot of convenience and security for an individual and a lot of other benefits too. Most of the benefits related to personal credit cards apply here too. What is interesting here is the indirect benefits that ensue from using a small business credit card.

The indirect benefits associated with small business credit cards are so great that it makes them almost indispensable. The most important benefit is that you can easily segregate your business and personal expenses. So if you have been wasting a lot of time keeping track of your business bills and trying to keep them separate from personal bills, small business credit cards could help. You just need to ensure that you always make all your business payments using your small business credit card. When the credit card bill comes at the month end, you will have itemized account of all the business expenses as a single document. Thus small business cards reduce (and in some cases completely remove) the need for bookkeeping for a small business. The credit card company does that for you for free, although indirectly.

Another important benefit comes from rolling credit. If you have to pay for your purchases upfront and still invoice your clients later (a situation faced very often with small businesses), you can roll the credit, you are providing your client with, to your credit card. Moreover, since these purchases are mostly urgent, arranging for money immediately can sometimes be a problem. In such cases, the small business credit card is the one which can bail you out. Well, if you are thinking that your personal credit card could do the same for you, you are a bit off the track on two fronts. Firstly, you want to keep your business expenses separate from your personal expenses and secondly, the APR on business cards is generally lower as compared to personal credit cards. A lot of the small business credit cards don’t require you to pay an annual fee even.

So if you run a small business but haven’t got a small business credit card yet, it’s about time that you considered this wonderful option.

The Finer Points of Internet Auctions


Penny auctions have exploded in popularity with the massive growth of the internet. However, few people know the true origins of penny auctions.Beginnings actually stretch back to the Great Depression. Those were hard times for everyone, but even harder for farmers. Farmers struggled to bring in steady income because of droughts and crops not selling as well as they had previously. As a result, the banks would foreclose on the farmers who couldn’t keep up with their mortgage payments.

The banks weren’t satisfied with just repossessing the house, they wanted to raise as much capital as possible, so they resorted to selling off the possessions of the owners of the repossessed houses. There was not much the farmers could do about it so they began bidding ridiculously low prices, pennies, on the items while threatening others who dared to bid higher than a few pennies.

The auctions of today hardly resemble their tremulous beginnings. Being part of a penny auction today is exhilarating, fun, and addictive. It combines the selling format of auctioning with a little bit of chance factored in.Auctions are a game of strategy but also a game of luck.

The premise behind penny auctions is giving people the chance to win an item at a drastically reduced price.Auctions make that possible by spreading out the cost of the product among multiple bidders. In order for a person to take part in an auction, they must pay a set price for each bid. For example, if a person wanted to bid on a fifty dollar Amazon gift card then he would spend a dollar for each time a bid placed. If he ended up winning the gift card, then he would only have spent a few dollars for a fifty dollar gift card. Usually penny auctions sell bids in packages.


The main foundation of penny auctions is the pay-per-bid format. It is the key that allows bidders to win items at the fraction of their retail value and allows the auction owners to keep their site profitable. Most y auction sites run on the same premise: people pay a set amount for each bid, whenever a person places a bid within the closing seconds of the auction time will be added, the last person left with a unique bid after the clocks runs out will win the item. There are a large variety of items that can be won, but they tend to be popular electronics or gift cards to popular stores.

There are two types of auctions: lowest unique bid auction and highest unique bid auction. Lowest unique auction sounds confusing but it is actually quite simple. A unique bid is when only one person has a bid at a certain price. Bids usually start at one penny, a bidder can then place a bid at two pennies. Until another bidder places a higher bid, the most recent bidder will be the lowest unique bid because that was the only bid at two cents and nobody bid higher. However, penny auctions generally don’t stop at one penny. It is not uncommon to find auctions that end up at a couple hundred dollars based on the popularity of the item being auctioned. However, the same principles apply for those auctions. Highest unique bid auctions follow the more traditional auction format such as eBay. The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction wins the item.

Auction site owners turn a profit by selling bids. Say twenty people are bidding on a ten dollar gift card at one dollar per bid, at the end of the auction if there were twenty bids placed in total then the site owner would have made twenty dollars with a ten dollar profit.Auctions do seem like a win-win situation:The site owner makes money while the bidder gets an item for dirt cheap. However, not everyone wins in penny auctions. The people who paid one dollar each bid but left with nothing to show for their investments will not be so happy.


Penny auction has a lot of chance mixed into it, but one can incorporate strategy that will help raise the chances of winning. Playing smart can make all the difference between gambling and auctioning.

The first crucial tip to winning penny auctions is to know how to manage your bids. Your goal should be to win as much as possible without spending a ton of money buying bids. Managing your bids means that you should already know how much you are willing to risk in order to win an item. The amount of capital you are willing to risk will determine how many bids you can use. Once you know how many bids you have to spend on an item, then you will be better able to manage how and when you place a bid. That will keep you from blowing away all of your bids in the first few seconds of the auction.

The next tip is to practice time management. When fighting in the trenches of penny auctions, you have two enemies: other bidders and time. Knowing when to bid is a must if you want to have success. Placing a bid when there is a lot of time left on the clock is never a good idea. You have to remember that the key to winning a penny auction is being the last one standing when the clock runs out and that each bid increases the amount of time left. It would be a good practice to wait until the last few minutes of the auction before you begin to bid.

The final tip for successful auctioning is to keep your emotions under control.Auctions have a lot of similarities to gambling, and just like gambling, your spending can get out of control. If you keep your emotions level, it will keep you from making rash decisions and blowing loads of cash. Keep your mind clear so that you can gage the behavior of the other bidders and outsmart them.


Penny auctions are a great addition to the web whether you want to win an item that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to afford or if you simply enjoy the thrill that comes with bidding in auctions. Unfortunately, scam sites have tarnished the reputation of the legitimate penny auction sites. However, there are ways that you can protect yourself from scamers and enjoy your auctioning without having to worry about losing your money due to dishonesty.

Checking the reputation of the auction site before you start spending your hard earned money is always a good idea. Chances are other people have tried the site before you and some of them have left reviews. The reviews are your way to gage whether a auction site is trustworthy or not. If a site is getting overwhelmingly negative reviews, then that is a clear indication that you should steer your business elsewhere.

Another tool you can use to protect yourself is checking the Alexia ranks of the auction sites. Alexia rank will give a solid view of how much traffic the auction is getting. If you see a huge difference in the amount of traffic Alexia is projecting and the amount of active bidders on the site, then warning signals should be ringing in your head. Some auction sites have been known to set up robots that automatically bid on projects in order to keep the auction going and inflate the price. That is known as shill bidding. You can sniff out those sites by comparing the traffic the site should be getting to the amount of users using this site.


New legislation may come out later down the road that will officially make penny auctions gambling, but until then, it is a fun, exciting auction that allows one to win the item they’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.Auctions are also quite lucrative for the site owners because of the pay-per-bid strategy they’ve incorporated. Penny auctions had humble beginnings with farmers who just wanted to get back at the banks who kicked them out of their house. More recently, auctions have enjoyed an explosion in popularity with the rise of the internet.

There are two main formats fora auctions, lowest and highest unique auction, however they both run on the same premise where the last unique bid wins the item. Winning a penny auction will require a certain amount of mental tactic and a bit of luck. However, you can increase your odds of winning by practicing certain techniques such as managing your bids wisely, learning how to work with the time, and keeping a level head and your emotions under control. When you combine those three strategies to your bidding plan, you will find that you win a lot more often.

It is important that you do your due diligence to protect yourself when participating in auctions. Not every auction is run by honest and trustworthy people. There are people out there who just want to take your money. You can protect yourself by ensuring that you only bid on sites that already have a very positive reputation from real users.